Beneath The Trees

by Old Skin

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released November 16, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Joe Clayton

Mastered by Brad Boatright

Artwork by Michael Ribeiro Ghost Dagger



all rights reserved


Old Skin Manchester, UK

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Track Name: Deadfall
Dirt take me away.
Too long I’ve suffered for your scars, I’ve died in my own eyes.
False comforts have worn thin.
I will tread virgin ground to a place of perfect gloom, and leave you behind.
My descent, gathering speed so relentless, each juncture more defenceless.
Where hands tremble, cold and bitter.
A perfect place of gloom.
And the dirt will take me.
Track Name: Failing Voice
Day after day after day the wounds will not heal.
The sinking sun is closing in and the longest night is calling me.
Day after day after day, calling me.
Empty streets, bound to none, forgotten.
Burn the body, cut deep, leave the land.
Fading light, wait for me.
Burn the body, cut deep, leave the land.
Banish the thoughts of the days, wrapped in sorrow.
Banish the thoughts of the pain.
I long for rest.
Dead man walk on.
Track Name: Antibes
Further down each step is closer, between torment and abandon, I surrender.
In every room where I was torn asunder, I found belief in these old roads.
Take me where my lungs will hollow, my own release.
With pale resolve, my own release.
From a world that seems serene, yet is born of grief.
Haunting me, my lone fear.
Further down the path is steeper.
Track Name: Beneath The Trees
To leave no trace beneath the trees,
I’ll burn my crowning shadow.
We never saw the same light,
we never breathed the same air.
I am lost in regret.
I shall not pass this way again.
Track Name: Dead And Gone
Let me go
Track Name: Spoil
So low under the weight of silence,
only ruin can lift my burden.
Dim warmth destroyed my value.
Scatter the bones and turn the fields,
now nothing will grow.
I’m the fault of the earth that none should mourn.
Track Name: By The Wayside
I’ve grown tired, aching.
Crowds have passed with empty eyes.
By the wayside where I fell,
all I’ve known, undone.
Looking back there was nothing to call home.
Track Name: Tens Upon Tens
I do not want to resonate,
stood between the ground and the air.
To lose it all brings something warm.
The comfort and the calm, what I long for.
But when I called for help, it echoed for days.
Keep my trust to myself, left as wreckage once again.
The comfort, the calm.
Track Name: Bury Me
Where I fall none shall find me. Bury me.
Watch the last of these days disappear,
let me fade with the setting sun.
I’ll be stood out from under your shadow,
please remember me that way.
When I fall none shall find me. Bury me.
For what I’ve done, or failed to do, I’m sorry.